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Kodak Brownie Target cameras

Six-20 Brownie Target & Six-20 Target Hawk-eye & Six-20 Target

Six-20 Brownie target



Six-20 Target Hawk-eye


made in black, blue and brown.

(Kodak) Six-20 Target also made as

Six-20 Target Brownie

Target Brownie six-20

1941- 1946.

Target Brownie six-16

1941- 1946

Little difference

Target Brownie Six-20 & Target Brownie Six-16

Six-16 Target Brownie 1941-1946.

Visual different Brownie target

with embossed and with flat front.

Made in U.S.A. & Made in Canada

Target Brownie six-16 with 'army air forces' logo 1941 - 1946

also made with "sea service" logo

Target Brownie Six-20 & Target Brownie Six-16  embossed front

Brownie Target six-20 embossed front 1946-1952.

Six-20 Target Brownie 1941-1946.

Brownie Target six-16 embossed front 1946-1952.

Brownie Target six-16 with white and black bar

Brownie Target six-20

with white and black bar

Brownie Target six-16

Brownie Target six-20

Canadian Brownie Target six-20

with silver bar.

Made in Canada with different face plate below

Hex Screw.

Phillips Screw.

Brownie Target Six-16 and Six-20 camera with special faceplate depicting Mickey Mouse.

Special millennium remake of an old brownie target six-16 camera.

To honor the Millennium and the 100th Birthday of the Brownie camera the Ohio Camera Collectors Society offered a limited number of one hundred.

The face plate and the handle strap were replaced and a special box provided.

Target Brownie Six-20 & Target Brownie Six-16 in black


Target cameras where produced and mostly sold in the U.S.A. Canadian from the first in 1932

until the last in 1952.

The name Target was used for the Hawk-Eye cameras as well for the Brownie cameras.

The cameras are very much the same as the Brownie Junior, Six-20 Boy Scout Brownie,

Brownie Six-20 & Six-16