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Brownie/Camera links

UCR/California Museum of Photography

In its diversity, UCR/CMP collection is the largest, most comprehensive photographic center in the West. This resource is utilized as four inter-linked sub collections: the Bingham Technology Collection, University Print Collection, the UCR/CMP Study Center Library Collection, and the Digital Virtual Collection. The museum's collection provides a foundation for exhibitions and programs examining broad associations between photographic works, the instruments of photography, and society's evolving relationship with the photograph. On view are a sampling of these great collections, which give us a glimpse not only photographic methods and artistry but also the full range of practices that contribute to our growing understanding of visual language and image making.

Photographic Collectors' Club of Great Britain

The Photographic Collectors Club of Great Britain is the world's leading organization for collectors and enthusiasts interested in the collection and study of photographic equipment and images. Formed in 1977 the Club has over 1000 members worldwide with diverse interests ranging from sub-miniature cameras to daguerreotypes, through to photographic books and using vintage equipment and processes.

Photo Camaras made in Argentina

Interesting website from Jose Ramon Garcia Menendez about cameras made in Argentinia.

First Attempts ; So far no research has been carried out over the production of photographic cameras in Argentina.

Futhermore, documents about the history of this production are almost unavailable, even though we know that cameras were produced in Rosario by ALEJANDRO SAJAUSKAS.

There are no records or advertising documenting this early production that consisted in the "wood & brass" made cameras similar to the ones made worldwide, known as Reissekameras, Campagnolas or Chambres de Voyage as were called in Europe

This small, almost artesanal production, by local producers carried no brand names even in Europe but it is known that this type of cameras were made in Argentina at that time.

Also at that time there were made great format cameras for professional use in studios with its balanced bases that were artesanaly made in wood and brass.

Second instance Due to the Second World War, there were no imports of photographic iems and supplies in Argentina. There forth, in the late 40´s and early 50´s, some small industries began the production of simple bakelite or sheet metal cameras and even exceptionally on wood, that were well accepted by the deprived consumer market.

more on;

The American museum of photography

Ruud Hoff   Foto impressies

Great website from the Dutch (Kodak) camera collector and photographer Ruud Hoff

Charlie Kamerman's Kodak Collection.

I have been collecting items in original boxes since 1979. My collection contains a wonderful mix of photographic related items

representing the evolution of equipment and marketing of the Eastman Kodak Company over 120 years.

In the beginning I decided to buy items only if they were in their original boxes to limit the number of items I could acquire.

Eventually I decided to buy advertising items to complement the photographic equipment which helped me to create more visually pleasing exhibits.

To this day I only buy cameras and accessories in original boxes. Parts of my collection of thousands of items have been exhibited in the California Museum of Photography, the Museum of Science and Industry in Los Angeles, the Seattle Convention Center and the George Eastman House in Rochester.


 The Brownie camera @ 100: Celebration

February 1900. The dawn of the 20th century is ushered in with a new arrival: the Kodak Brownie. It cost just one dollar and was so easy to use that even the youngest children could take perfect pictures.

This small, simple box launched a new industry, and forever changed the way we communicate. Photojournalism. The motion picture industry.
Medical X-rays. Satellite Imaging. The Internet. Every technology we use to communicate with pictures can trace its ancestry to that first black box.

Kodak & Brownies   René Rákers

Website from the Dutch Kodak camera collector René Rákers

Brownie, Folding Kodak and Brownie cameras, Instamatic, Pocked, instant, disc cameras and more....

The Photographic Historical Society of Canada

The PHSC was formed in October 23, 1974 to advance the knowledge of and interest in the history of photography, particularly of photography in Canada. This web site was established in April 1996 to further our objectives via the rapidly expanding influence of the world wide web. Photographic Canadiana is published five times a year. Each member receives a copy by mail as part of the benefits of membership. The journal is a quality publication providing information and insights on all aspects of photographic history with a Canadian emphasis. Many of our writers have personal experience in the photographic industry. Articles have been published on cameras, photographers, manufacturers, old processes, stereo, images, restoration techniques and books. While most of the material is written specifically for Photographic Canadiana, we also reprint interesting articles from other sources, plus news of meetings, shows, and other events of interest to the collector. Members can place one free advertisement per issue (space permitting).


 Historic Camera Collectors Club

The Historic Camera Collectors Club is an international club established to help camera collectors, photograph collectors, and photography historians learn about photography and meet and share our common interest with other members. We share and archive information about photography history and collecting. The club provides various information resources via original historical archives to assist members in research, documentation and sharing of information and their collections with others.


Nice Camera manufacturers search site and forum,

Popular manufacturers: Asahi Pentax, Berning Robot, Contessa Nettel, Compass Cameras, Canon, Ernemann,

Graflex,ICA, Ihagee, Kodak Eastman, Leitz (Leica), Linhof ,Minox, Minox VEF, Nikon, Pignons (Alpa),

Rollei, Voigtländer, Yashica (Contax), Zeiss Carl VEB, Zeiss Carl Jena,

Zeiss Ikon Zeiss Ikon VEB (Pentacon.

Retro Thing

The Camera & Optics part of Retro Thing but look at the intresting rest of the site to.

Retro thing is an independent vintage gadget website run by a team of renegade elves based in Calgary and Chicago. Each month we present a never-ending stream of classic and almost-classic gizmos and books.

We love getting tips and story ideas from our readers because you're a witty and insightful bunch. It doesn't matter if it's your own site or something you stumbled across while surfing the web at 3am - let us know!

Collectors Weekly, a resource for collectors and people who love old (antique and vintage) stuff. a great place to explore and learn, and a showcase for the passion and knowledge of collectors everywhere.

Why weekly? When I first started collecting, it was on weekends – getting out to a show, an auction, chasing after some great item, reading up on it afterward. So was designed for weekend warriors, even though we update it by the hour.

What you’ll find: Useful information on over 800 antique and vintage categories, Local event listings (shows, auctions, museum exhibits, etc.), In-depth interviews with leading collectors, eBay highlights: top auctions in each category. is published by San Francisco-based Market Street Media LLC.

Kodak Classics

Basis of the information contained on this site is Chris Eve's Kodak Collection, which was sold in 2005. When there weren't any cameras left, the website was taken offline but as I thought it very useful, here it is again.

The focus of the original website was on the technical properties of the cameras in the collection and the stories behind the cameras were few. I would like to add more stories and background information to place the cameras in a historical context and try to make them come alive. hope the information is as useful to you as it is to me. In case you find any mistakes or have additional information feel free to contact me.

Whereever any references to "my collection" are made, the former "Chris Eve collection" is meant. I'm not in possesion of this collection or a similar one for that matter. I merely own about 50 cameras, some Kodaks but the majority was bought just because they are so beautiful.

Mischa Koning

The Kodak Collector's Page.

I collect Eastman Kodak cameras, equipment, advertising, and other Kodakabilia.

This website contains images and information about my Kodak collection.

Walker Mangum

Ed's Kodak Collection

I am a Dutch Kodak camera collector. On this site you can see my collection. Don't hesitate to contact me. The cameras are not for sale. Double cameras in my collection (see list) are for swap or sale.

Collection of Collections

Dan Colucci

 Antique & Classic Cameras

Here you will find highly detailed price and information guides on popular Classic Cameras & Lenses, as well as many related links. While my main collecting focus is on pre-1900 American made wood cameras and lenses, I enjoy all aspects of camera collecting and photographic history.

Dutch Society of Photographica Collectors

Fotografica started in 1977 as "the Camera Oldtimer Club" by the pioneers of the first hour. People then wanted to find a meeting place to exchange or sell old camera's and other historical objects and chat with other collectors, share their photohistorical knowledge with others and make propaganda to collect photographica

Fotografica is the one and only Dutch Society of Photographica Collectors and of people who are interested in the History of Photography and Cinematography. The Society has about 1600 members

Chaffey Collection

On this website you will find images of the Kodak collection i have amassed to date. Originally I collected cameras in general but that was getting out of hand and I was on a budget. Collecting Kodak was the obvious solution because they are abundant, varied and reasonably priced. Though of recent times the prices have increased substantially. 

On this page you will find some some selected links about Kodak Brownie cameras,

Museums and Society's of Photographic Collectors.

This website is not affiliated with the links.

Kodak Hawkeye box cameras

Kodak Single use cameras

Remy Stellers box hawkeye collection supplemented with information and pictures of hawkeye cameras from the Internet

Remy Stellers single use cameras collection, collected in the nineties of the last century.


Daniel Sanchez  Cámaras sin fronteras  "Cameras without borders." a personal page with a private collection of old cameras  accessories and photographic supplies., reference for collectors old cameras

A comprehensive list of Kodak and Nikon cameras with information and photos for each camera.

A public service page and labor of love maintained by Chuck Baker, This page is dedicated to Brownie photographers everywhere: past, present and future.



A site with free-content encyclopedia of camera information, a repository of information about all still camera brands and models. To learn more about this project, read the About Camerapedia page.

By contributing, you can share your knowledge of camera equipment with everyone.

Retired cameras: My fascination with antique cameras began in 1996 when a friend bought me an Argus Argoflex E as a birthday gift. Having a photography background, this was a great gift. I loved it so much I started looking for other antique cameras. Over the years, I’ve assembled a pretty good collection. I call the collection Retired Cameras. The cameras in my collection are no longer used for everyday use. They sit on display in a case and occasionally I’ll select one and run some film though it. The photos above are samples from my cameras. I’ve photographed all my cameras and include a little info about each one. Those tested, I’ve included sample photos from the camera.

George Eastman House

George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film combines the world’s leading collections of photography and film with the stately pleasures of the landmark Colonial Revival mansion and gardens that George Eastman called home from 1905 to 1932. The Museum is a National Historic Landmark. Mr. Eastman, the founder of Eastman Kodak Company, is heralded as the father of modern photography and the inventor of motion picture film.

This site is a free-content encyclopedia of articles about camera brands and models, and the successor to Camerapedia. To learn more about this project, read the About page.

By contributing, you can share your knowledge of camera equipment with everyone. If you would like to add or correct any information on this site, sign up for a user account (this is simple and free), log in, and click any "edit" link. You can browse the Help section, learn how to add images, and play around in the Sandbox to see how the site works before actually making changes.


An extensive collection of early to mid-20th Century film cameras, mostly Kodaks but also an assortment of other brands (a nearly complete collection of Nikon cameras from 1949 to present).  The odder orphans of photographic history are fun to collect, and occasionally shoot .We do however, include a few vintage pieces in our staging.

Kevin & Renee Murray, The interest in photography started in junior high when one of the teachers offered a class and we converted a windowless janitorial closet into a darkroom.  I took further courses in high school, and college, along with film classes.  The darkroom skills are now transferred to PhotoShop, but the approach is amazingly similar.