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Chicago World's Fair 1933


World's fair 1933

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Rare and Wanted

Brownie User Manuals

User manuals

Brownies No.2 model F   &  Brownies No.2A  model C - Colours

colored cameras

Palmer Cox

Palmer Cox

Walter Dorwin Teague

Walter Dorwin Teague

Le Courrier

Le Courrier

Kodak Brownie Target cameras

Brownie Target

Brownie 620

Brownie 620

Brownie Exhibition

One Exhibition

The Kodak Magazine

Kodak Magazine

Brownie Service Manuals

Service Manuals

Brownie/Camera links

Brownie/camera links

Remy Stellers single use cameras collection, collected in the nineties of the last century.


On this page you see some rare Brownies some are in my Brownie Collection.

Kodak Brownie user manuals from the collection.

You can see them online right now and save the printable PDF version

readable with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

From 1928 to 1933 Kodak made several colored cameras that

were designed to appeal specifically to the style-conscious women of the twenties.

In 1928 Kodak hired Walter Dorwin Teague, a well-known American industrial designer to create

cameras with a classier, more elegant look.

The most popular Kodak cameras of the twenties and thirties were designed for the entire family.

Brownies came in six bright, fun colors.

Walter Dorwin Teague

(December 18, 1883 - December 5, 1960)

was an Art Deco designer. He designed cameras for Eastman Kodak from

1928 to 1933

Palmer Cox (1840-1924)

Due to the popularity of Palmer Cox's Brownies, one of the first popular handheld cameras was named after them, The Eastman Kodak Brownie camera.

There is no agreement between EKC and Palmer Cox. for using the Brownie character by Kodak.

In 1962 the last Brownie box was made.

What begun with the Brownie box camera "The Brownie" in 1900 U.S.A. ended with the Brownie

Flash II camera in Australia.

62 years the box model was produced and made place for the more popular and modern looked Starlet, Starflash, Starflex, Starmeter Brownies.

Brownies where made to the last, a compact moulded plastic cartridge loading pocket

camera made by Kodak Limited in 1980.

Brownie last models

Brownie last models

The Kodak Brownie Box part from the Belgian Le Courrier du Kodak

No.1 -May 1949 including No.123 August 1959

Target cameras where produced and mostly sold in the U.S.A. Canadian from the first in 1932 until the last in 1952.

The name Target was used for the Hawk-Eye cameras as well for the Brownie cameras.

The cameras are very much the same as the Brownie Junior, Six-20 Boy Scout Brownie, Brownie Six-20 & Six-16

Some interesting articles from the Kodak Magazine

This camera is made with a lot of outside different's.

There are variants with the control information in the German language as well in the France language.

There are there different variations in the lens opening information

f11 or 8 U.S.(Uniform System)

The cameras are made with manufactured name on the front of the camera but also made

without, Kodak A.G. Dr.Nagel-Werk.-Stuttgart.

On this page you will find some some selected links about Kodak Brownie cameras,

Museums and Society's of Photographic Collectors.

From June 12 until 16 August 2008 there was a exhibition of the Remy Stellers Brownie collection at The SNS Historisch Centrum - Frans Walkate Archive in the Dutch town Kampen

Special version of the Brownie Special No.2

Camera with decorative front panel showing the hall of Science

the Chicago World's fair 1933 Century of progress.

Numbers made: 2000

Brownie Service Manuals Brownie/Camera links The Kodak Magazine Brownie Exhibition Le Courrier Kodak Brownie Target cameras Brownies No.2 model F   &  Brownies No.2A  model C - Colours Brownie 620 Walter Dorwin Teague Palmer Cox Brownie last models Brownie User Manuals Rare and Wanted Chicago World's Fair 1933

The most important cardboard box ever?

News Magazine


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Kodak Single use cameras

Kodak Hawkeye box cameras

Remy Stellers box hawkeye collection supplemented with information and pictures of hawkeye cameras from the Internet

Kodak commercials taken from Youtube

Also on, www.youtube.com/user/remysteller/videos

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