Special Christmas gift pack original contents

The No.2 Brownie camera (detachable back model).

Instruction manual, 2 rolls Kodak film 120, Kodak Portrait Attachment.

50 page loose leaf Eastman album, Tube of Kodak photo paste,

Copy of "At home with the Kodak",

1 years subscription to Kodakery

Kodak Film

Kodak Film is very rapid ; it reduces the risk of underexposure to a minimum. Its great latitude allows you to expose for the shadows without clogging up the high lights.

And it is Non-Curling and Non-Halation.

Kodak Film can be developed in the ordinary dark room illuminated by a safe red light, or by the aid of the Kodak Film Tank in daylight.

The prices of Autographic and of regular N.C. Film are the same. To get Autographic results, an Autographic Kodak and Autographic Film must be used together,

but Autographic Kodaks may be used with regular N.C. Film, and other models of Kodaks may be used with Autographic Film.

To avoid mistakes, care should be taken to specify the number of spools, as well as the number of exposures required in each spool, for instance : 1 spool 12 exposures.

Kodak Portrait Attachments

The Kodak Portrait Attachment is a supplementary lens which fits in front of the lens that is attached to the camera. For making head and shoulder portraits, either indoors or outdoors, and for photographing flowers and other small objects at short range, it is indispensable to all who use hand cameras, as it enables them to do what could otherwise only be done with a bulky long bellows camera.

It is made in all the sizes that are needed for use with the various Kodaks, Brownies and Premos, and instructions telling how to use it are furnished with every attachment. The price is 75 cents for any size. Exact designation of camera and lens and shutter equipment is necessary when ordering.

The exposure to give when using a Kodak Portrait Attachment is the same as should be given without it

Kodak Liquid Glue

This glue is specially prepared for photographic work. It is also useful whenever a strong adhesive is required. It is packed in collapsible tubes convenient for use.

The cap of the tube is of a special type readily removed and replaced ; it prevents the glue solidifying and choking up the mouth of the tube.

One dozen tubes each in its own carton are packed in an attractive cardboard box for counter display.

The Flexible Album

The " Regent Flexible " Album is a comparatively thin aJbum, containing 50 strong grey or brown art paper leaves, with a guard between each.

It is bound in blue-black limp, imitation leather covers, and holds, in a small volume, a large number of prints, which need not be pasted flat, but simply attached to the leaves by their left-hand edges.

This method prevents buckling and renders mounting extremely simple. Specially suitable for large prints.

At home with the Kodak

Magazine Rochester, N.Y. Eastman Kodak Company. Illustrated Wrappers. Illustrations. 35-page booklet describes important

points to remember when taking photographs, in particular indoors: Avoiding shadows; using a flashlight; pictures should tell a story; etc

1 years subscription to Kodakery.

Kodakery Free for a year

NOW that yo have a new Eastan camera, you will reccive Kodakery free for a year. This is your first copy.

KODAKERY is published monthly for the purpose of helping you and other camarists get good pictures. We hope that you will find something useful in each issue. But you are entitled to more yet, for we arc eager to answer any questions that may arise in your picture-making experience. Just put it up to the Service Department, Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, N.Y, and you'll get a thorough reply.

If you should change your address, please notify us promptly, giving your old location aswell as new. Give us the expiration date also see lower left hand corner of your address on the Kodakery envelope.

Your twelfth copy will Contain a renewal blank so that you can conveniently subscribe for the following year (price 60 cents). If you don't renew, however, the magazine will he stopped without notice from you. For we mean your Kodakery subscription, starting now, to be free of trouble as well free of charge.

Eastman Kodak Company

For those who desire comprehensive information regarding outdoor and indoor picture making we publish Kodakery, a magazine which is issued monthly.

Kodakery gives instruction in all branches of photography, from the exposure of the film to the finishing of the print. It is sent, free of charge, to every purchaser of a Kodak, Brownie, Premo, Graflex or Graphic camera, who fills out and mails to us the subscription blank* that is bound in the instruction book which is furnished with the camera.

Specific information regarding anything pertaining to amateur photography can also be obtained by addressing our Service Department. One of the functions of this department is to assist photographers in solving any photographic problems that may confront them. For this service there is no charge.